Historical Data

Anticipate future behaviour of consumer groups, with advanced clustering, using purchasing history. Identify buying patterns and deploy profiling techniques to zone in on the most profitable new customer segments to target. 


Proprietary Data

Dynamic, real-time, proprietary data that is intrinsic, unique, and difficult to replicate. Aligned to solve business problems, or address consumer demand can and should be monetised. Furthermore, the collection, modelling and customisation of a variety of data sets to meet the needs of an addressable market, profitably is essential for success.   


Real -Time Data

Augment internal and external data to provide a rich array of information. Pertinent to employees responsible for determining the objectives and direction of business lines, product portfolios, value propositions and marketing mixes.  


marketing Analytics

In the data era, broad ill-defined consumer segments, no longer cut it.  Consumers are well informed, able to compare products with ease and can switch brands at the click of a button.   

Deploy advanced segmentation techniques, to uncover niche markets and valuable information about consumers.



Unleash the untapped inherent capabilities of your most important asset. Your employees and members of your network.

To create applications that deliver real value. To internal and external end-users exposed to valuable data through the power of API's

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operational analytics

Transform operational analytics from a tool utilised to measure past performance. To a information hub, leveraged to match the demand characteristics of a product or service with the responsiveness of the supply chain.  This is essential for supply chain optimisation. That is optimal profitability.  


Flux insights

If data is the new oil. The creation and distribution of proprietary and non-proprietary dynamic data.  Positioned to address specific business requirements will be a source of differentiation and competitive advantage. 


machine learning

Companies are deploying Machine Learning to manage customer focused and operational challenges. Organisations are utilising the processing power of machine learning applications and advanced statistical techniques. To expedite decision-making, improve or re-imagine, the underlying processes that support business decisions based on historical data.


Data Analytics

Perspective is everything. Vast streams, of volatile, variable data, are now available through API’s. There are a significant number of events with short life cycles, inherent within major annual trends.

The profitable exploitation of these narrow windows of opportunities maybe a winning strategy.


Real-Time Data Streaming

Purposeful data is valuable data. Combine multiple sources of data to address real-world problems. Empower members of your network to deliver solutions, consumers are willing to pay for. 


artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, combined with purposeful data, can be employed as a canary in the coal mine. A digital warning system, for complex information processing. To pre-empt and manage recognised events more efficiently. And bring transparency to overlooked unknowns. 

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Digital Marketing

Personalisation and customer engagement are the yin and yang of digital marketing. Companies that offer complimentary multi-product and service propositions.

Embedded into the everyday lives of consumers and businesses. Are best placed to, extract the maximum value from data -driven personalisation.


behavioural Analytics

Companies able to build flexibility and agility into how they respond to changes in consumer demand in real-time. Are well positioned to capitalise on opportunities unavailable to their competitors   


Analytics & KPI’s

Transform and analyse information at scale. Direct the power of the tsunami of data outputted from a multitude of mobile applications and connected devices.  To advance your business objectives.  


flux labs

Dynamic business environments ensure that even the most seasoned professionals are not impervious to the relentless march of change. Sometimes a new perspective is all that is needed to bring clarity and simplicity to intractable challenges in a complex world.


data privacy

To economically capture, store and analyse large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data at scale. A new generation of technologies and architectures centred around machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing were designed to capitalise on.

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internet of things

Real -time monitoring of tens of thousands of devices. At scale for the collection of historical data, event forecasting, the continuous diagnosis and pre-emption of potential problems.