Mastering the basics, of database management and analytics is critical. However, for organisations to exploit the data dividend, offered by the migration to the cloud, big data, machine learning and AI.  It is essential for firms to leverage the domain expertise inherent internally within the immediate firm or externally via  their extended network.  


Text Analytics

Text analytics can be applied to extract useful information. From the massive amounts of textual and numeric data. Hosted within information systems in healthcare, finance, government, travel, fashion industries.

Video Analytics

Real-time video analytics is being deployed in a wide range of domains including entertainment, healthcare, retail, automotive, transportation, home automation, and emotion analysis.    

Extract meaningful information from video streams, to detect and determine temporal events.


Social Media Analytics

95% of data produced is unstructured.  Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of large volumes of unstructured, noisy and dynamic social media data may bring enormous rewards.

Harness the wealth of information emitted from within your ecosystems.

Predictive Analytics

Organisations are literally drowning in a tsunami of information. Combining predictive analytics with big data, will play a role in enhancing the efficiency and profitability of a firm. 

Predictive analytics can be utilised to maximise productivity, collaboration, expedite decision making, increase visibility and enhance stakeholders relationships.