Persona Development

Getting under the skin of consumers is critical to eliciting a positive response.

Consumers now have access to significant pools of information; about the products and services they procure via the web.

At Flux Insights, we build holistic views of consumers. Then use data to test the validity of our assumptions in the market.  

Leverage, data, analytics, established and emergent technologies to ensure that your brand is seen and heard, when a consumer needs you.


Content Creation

Creating exceptional content is challenging.  In the internet age quality over quantity should be the mantra of any organisation.

At Flux Insights we developed a framework for the creation of the right content at each stage of the customer journey.

To help you form an authentic relationship, with potential consumers prior to, during and after the sales process.


Demand Generation Strategy

Demand generation programmes enable firms to leverage marketing and sales to drive SBU lead generation and account management activities.

Systematically track which marketing and sales activities are responsible for driving quality leads through the sale pipeline.  

Set quantitative and qualitative goals for the product, service, and lines of business.

This will facilitate the allocation of marketing resources with greater precision.  


Value Proposition Creation

What is of value to consumers? Solutions that address their challenges at the price that they are willing to pay. In a world of multiple brands, with me- – too messaging.

How do you create value propositions that resonate with your target audience?

The answer is simple really. Listen!   Do you hear what your consumers say regarding their desires, need and wants?      

Sometimes an outside point of view, is all that is required for clarity and insight.


Content Strategy Development

At Flux Insights we work with organisations to identify which pieces of content to create and use at each stage of the sales funnel.

This process is integrated with the customer journey and demand generation programmes.

All activities are tied to SBU sales targets, with leads allocated across, sales, marketing and customer services.    

To ensure transparency when tracking the performance of different marketing and sales initiatives.


Automation Strategy

Companies and their employees spend a significant amount of their time on non-strategic activities.

Identifying which processes to automate, will free your employees to focus on activities that drive value for consumers and the organisation.  

At Flux Insight we will assist your team in eliminating mundane, time consuming, and convoluted tasks from their daily activities.     


Online Experiments

In a world awash with data, it would be a capital mistake, to forego running controlled online experiments to drive decision-making.  

Producing results companies can trust. May be the difference between a significant increase in sales revenue and a missed opportunity.     

Hence a robust overall evaluation criterion (OEC) is essential. Of equal importance, is the creation of a culture where key personnel, are cognizant.

That the data, and analysis initiatives they choose to engage in. Serve the overall business, operational and corporate objectives of their organisation.  


Channel Strategy

Meet consumers wherever they may be is the current mantra.  However, unless you have unlimited resources.

We would suggest that you become a superuser at a few channels, proven to drive awareness and sales.

At Flux Insights we will work with you to build a presence in the channels that matter to your consumers.


Marketing Stack Strategy

As economies migrate from analogue to digital economies. Companies have been inundated with a tsunami of data.

In response C-Level executives have procured an inordinate number of applications to track the behaviour of consumers across multiple channels.

Yet, marketers are experiencing great difficulty in drawing a direct correlation between marketing efforts and the bottom line. 

In a world full of data this situation can no longer stand.   There is a better way.