If data is the new oil. The creation and distribution of proprietary and non-proprietary dynamic data.  Positioned to address specific business requirements will be a source of differentiation and competitive advantage. 

Social media networks, mobile and the data emanating from connected devices, comprising the Internet of Things. Are forecasted to reach 35 zettabytes by 2020.

Transformation and analyse information at scale. Direct the power of the tsunami of data outputted from a multitude of mobile devices and applications.  To drive your business goals.  


The data hub at the heart of the organisation

Transform operational analytics from a tool utilised to measure past performance.

To a information hub, leveraged to match the demand characteristics of a product or service with the responsiveness of the supply chain. 

This is essential for supply chain optimisation. That is optimal profitability, quality, speed, and capacity utilisation.


Automate key processes across operations

Profitably delivering demand driven goods and services. Requires the automation of key components of the distribution infrastructure.

Collect signals from the internal and external environment. To drive and direct supply chain activity.

Orchestrate the co-ordination and migration of goods. In a demand-driven timely and accurate fashion.


Drive insights across back office activities

Mirroring internal operations, with in the field reality of satisfying different types of demand.  Is closely linked to the financial performance of firms. Demand driven supply chains, require a constant stream of structured and unstructured actionable data. Delivered in real-time to members of your ecosystem, tasked with anticipating and responding to change.