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Healthcare Data & Precision Medicine

The past decade has seen a Tsunami of data produced within and outside the healthcare apparatus. Modern inquiries into determining healthcare outcomes at an individual level and across populations. Requires significant trans-disciplinary expertise to extract valuable information, and gain actionable knowledge to deliver positive healthcare outcomes.

Nutrigenomics, & Personalised Health

The global nutrigenomics market size is expected to reach USD 850.86 million by 2025. Registering a CAGR of 16.48%. Obesity is the biggest segment for nutrigenomics and is projected to account for 38% of the total industry by 2025.

Nutrigenomics is the study of molecular relationships between nutritional stimuli and the response of the genes. It opens a window in our understanding of how nutrition influences metabolic pathways and homeostatic control.

Moore’s Law & Gene Sequencing

The first human genome based on the Sanger technology, a gene sequencing method, occurred in 2001. The Human Genome Project, was a multinational collaboration, that took 13 years to complete, involved hundreds of DNA sequencing machines and cost, approximately between US$0.5-US$1bn. 

Personalised Health, the US$141.70 bn Opportunity

Across the globe, consortiums, comprised of government, academia, companies from the field of genetics, venture capital and healthcare institutions are collaborating on population-wide genomic projects. Primarily to lay the foundation for precision medicine. Through the derivation of insights obtained from the genomic data of thousands of people across the globe.