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The Blockchain, Data Sharing Frontiers & Healthcare

We are migrating to a world that is being transformed fundamentally from and analogue, to digital to a data-driven world. The Blockchain is the next major infrastructural layer of the internet. Blockchains are the fundamental new architecture for data, identity, and financial transactions.

This transformation encompasses all societal systems, such as traffic, healthcare, government, and supply chains. It is enabling these systems to be quantified, drive efficiency, remove opacity and complexity across a myriad of industry sectors.

In fact, a World Economic Forum survey suggested that 10% of global GDP will be stored on the Blockchain by 2027. 

The Blockchain and Data Sharing Frontiers 

The blockchain is a distributed database of records or public ledger of digital events or transactions of virtual currencies. That is executed and shared across a large network of untrusted participants.

In other words, it is a continuously updated record of who holds what.  The records are split into linked blocks and secured using cryptography through maths and code. Automated trust is achieved via smart contracts, that are held on a distributed ledger.