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Mobile Broadband Investment, Disincentivising KPI's

Mobile Broadband Investment, Disincentivising KPI's

The attractiveness of densely populated urban cities and the guaranteed higher than average revenue per user (ARPU). Disincentivises investment in less populated geographically impenetrable locations. Also, mobile operators are experiencing declines in the (ARPU) and slowing user growth.


The 4 headwinds of increased competition, regulatory intervention, declining (ARPU), and slower user growth. Are impeding investment, in new networks, to address the coverage gap. Global capital expenditure fell in 2015 by 6%. Capex investment will continue to decline up until 2020.

Urban vs Rural

Mobile Technology, the Diffusion of Innovation Game Changer

To understand the speed at which mobile devices and applications are diffusing across the globe. Just consider this, the first smartphone was launched in 2007. 

In 2015, according to Google, for many developing nations, the majority of mobile web users, access the web only, via their mobile phones.

In Egypt, the figure was (70%) of the population, and India it was (59%) of the population. The “mobile only” trend is dominated by the under 25’s in developing nations.

In developed nations, including the USA, (25%) of web users are mobile-only, the majority are older in lower income households. Coming closer to home in the UK the figure is (20%) of the population. 

The scale and scope, of the dissemination of mobile technologies, and mobile devices, has in a matter of 11 years, extended across the globe.

The next phase of growth in the new economy is already, upon us, with the development of data-driven, ecosystems, online marketplaces, platforms, and digital products and services. 

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But, so what? Why is this important?

Mobile Technology the Innovation Outlier

Mobile Technology the Innovation Outlier

The Ascent of the Mobile Economy

The Ascent of the Mobile Economy